Rose Sintex


With the daily increase of population and development of industries, people are living and working in noisy places without realizing the impact on their health. Buildings are becoming smaller and lighter, transportation means are increasing on land and in air, industrial machineries are increasing, and sound speakers are getting ever louder.

Do you know that 30% of people who work in noisy environments are moving towards hearing loss?

Do you know that continuous exposure to annoying sounds leads to antisocial behavior, anger, anxiety, sleep deprivation, heart disease and brain and blood pressure?

Do you know that sounds also affect the body during sleep, and in the meantime, children who spend more time in sleep are more affected?

A statistical test showed that 10% of the American population experienced a rust in the ear which is one of the major factors in the phenomenon of high-altitude voices and 90% of the time leading to deafness. Another test in the Netherlands showed that 80% of the noise was caused by road traffic.

Acoustic pollution, especially living in apartment buildings and providing a secure and peaceful environment, and belief in the necessity of research and development, with the goal of producing new quality products in accordance with national and international standards, has led Negin Rose Sepahan Company to start its activities on sound insulators. Progress in the field of materials with very small dimensions that can absorb sounds, can be a great help in this regard. The phrase “small dimensions” leads us to the Nano-scale materials.

Rose SINTEX, as a new product in this field, eliminates all technical and functional requirements in reducing unwanted or loud noises. This knowledge-based product was coupled with nanotechnology and for the first time Nano fibrous fiber structures were coated in an appropriate way to create sound insulation properties. This product is the result of six years of advanced research and development in the field of sound and thermal insulation and has a primary acceptance of US patent registration. The use of Rose SINTEX insulation with a low thickness and proper weight, maintains the interior space of the site and provides properties such as high flexibility, ease of installation, and hydrophobicity.

Sound transmission in the building:

  • Airborne transmission
  • Impact transmission

The airborne sound is transmitted through the air and is further characterized in places that are not well sealed. The sound of the impact on vibrating the walls of the building is determined by the fact that the impact on the floor is more severe than the impact on the wall.



Insulation and sound adjustment (eighteenth section of national building regulations)

  • Sound absorption coefficient (α)

The amount of sound absorbed by the sound level is not reflected (ISIRI 10945). The sound absorption coefficient is a numerical value between zero and one that increases as one approaches one.

Ii: Descent wave intensity

Iα: absorbed wave intensity

Impact or Percussion Pressure Level (Ln)

The level of shock pressure transmitted from the ceiling at any frequency that is calculated in accordance with EN 140-7 or ISIRI 8568-8.

Pressure sound pressure balance (Ln, w)

A single-digit quantity for leveling the level against impact noise calculated according to the level of impact sound pressure and baseline according to ISIRI 8834-2 or EN 717-2.

Li: Pressure sound pressure level in the receiving room

A: Measured absorbance level in the receiving room

A0: The base absorption surface is equal to 10 square meters

Airborne Sound Reduction Index (R)

Reducing the intensity of acoustic energy is due to the propagation of a sound wave from the manufacturer’s source outside the structure at any frequency that is calculated according to EN 140-3.

Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw)

A single-digit quantity to indicate the amount of airborne sound reduction by a separator that is calculated according to the ISIRI 8834 or EN 717-1 standard according to the airborne noise reduction index and baseline charts.

Wi: The sound of falling on the separator

Wt: The transmitted audio through the test piece

Certificates achieved for Rose SINTEX

  • Acoustic certificates by Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, Iran
  • Acoustic certificates by Sharif University and University of Isfahan, Iran
  • International US patent and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filing
  • Iran nanotechnology initiative council certificate
  • Certificates of water-hydrophobicity by Amirkabir University,Iran
  • Certificates of fire-retardancy by Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, Iran
  • Certificates of antimicrobial property by Pasteur Institute of Iran
  • The best nano industrial product, Nano Award Ceremony, 2017
  • Selected by PIEC GLOBAL 2017, China
  • Invited in Nanotechnology Economy Forum, 2017
  • Invited as the successful knowledge-based product in Nanotechnology International Exhibition, 2017.
  • Certificates of Low thermal conductivity by Amirkabir University,Iran
  • Certified by the IHSRC – Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company


  • Sound absorption
  • Impact and transmission noise reduction
  • No negative effects on the environment
  • Hydrophobicity (Optional)
  • Fire retardancy (Optional)
  • Thickness of less than 1 cm
  • Flexibility
  • Easy handling and adaptable to uneven surfaces
  • Easily cut to shape
  • No odor or toxic gases
  • Anti-bacterial property
  • Saving internal spaces in comparison with the other insulating products
  • Beautifully designed appearance with variety of colors (Optional)


  • Constructions
  • Residential, office, and recreational buildings
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Recording studios, movie theaters, and exhibition halls
  • Transportation
  • Cars, helicopters, airplanes, trains, etc.
  • Noisy industrial and laboratory devices