Rose Nonwovens

Rose Nonwovens

Negin Rose Nonwoven products:

One of the production units of Negin Rose Sepahan Complex is Nonwoven fabrics. In these production lines, the best equipment and machinery made in Western Europe, including Germany and Austria, is used.

These production lines are capable of producing nonwoven layers in weights from 70 to 1500 grams with a maximum width of 400 centimeters.

The thickness of the layers is adjustable from 0.4 to 15 mm. The density of the layers can be adjusted according to the use of nonwoven textiles.

Printing and finishing operations on layers:

The use of world’s up-to-date technology, advanced machines and equipment, and specialized technical knowledge have led to a variety of complementary operations on non-textured layers:

  • Thermal finishing (Heat set)
  • Compression (Calendaring)
  • Chemical, waterproof, anti-oil, anti-fire, anti-static, anti-pilling, anti-bacterial finishing
  • Complex coatings
  • Lamination
  • Increased tensile separation and tear strength
  • Printing and Fixing (up to 300 cm wide)


Nonwoven textiles cover a wide range of applications of which the following can be mentioned:

  • Automobile industry: the ceiling and floor coverings of vehicles, the intermediate and outer layers of interior decoration of vehicles
  • Bags and shoes industry
  • Building and road construction industry, damming, water transmission channels
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
  • Mines, materials handling, mineral processing
  • Home cleaning and wet tissues
  • Decorative textiles
  • Filtration, air filters, liquid filters, gas filters
  • Moisture and heat insulation
  • Floor coverings, curtains, household furniture