Getting to know Rose Holding


Rose Holding was founded in 1991 as a private sector investment company in Isfahan, and has been operating in the form of Rose Polymer, Negin Rose Sepahan and Kaveh Alyaf companies, and based on technical knowledge, the use of experienced human resources, new technology, especially in the production of products, continuous improvement of consumption with the aim of increasing quality, competition with similar international products and lowering the cost of production, has produced and presented its products to the domestic and foreign markets. A brief history of the companies in the Holding follows:

No. Company Name Field of activity Founded in Annual nominal capacity Target markets
1 Rose Polymer
  • Petroleum jelly/Vaseline, White oil/liquid Paraffin, Paraffin, Wax, Cable filling compound, Gel wax and Sodium petroleum sulphonate
1991 33.000 tons
  • Exports over 90% of products to 80 countries
2 Negin Rose Sepahan
  • Rose Rang (Rose Master-batch)
  • Production of polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester based Master-batches
1993 200 tons
  • Domestic companies producing polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene fibers
  • Rose Alyaf (Rose Fiber)
  • Production of polypropylene fibers, including geotextile fibers, common fiber for carpet production, hygienic fibers for healthcare, cement fibers and fibers for batteries
1993 15.000 tons
  • – The domestic enterprises of polypropylene fiber
  • – Export to Italy
  • Rose Moquette (Rose Carpet)
  • Sound insulating, wall Cover, filter, automobile and Geotextile nonwovens
  • Carpet, ribbed, double-layered, patterned and printed nonwovens
1993 16.000.000 m²
  • Export to Iraq and Afghanistan
3 Kaveh Fiber
  • Production of polyester and
  • polypropylene fibers
1996 15.000 tons
  • Export to Italy and Turkey