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Rose Fiber Company, as a part of Negin Rose Sepahan Industrial Group, has 23 years of experience in the production of polypropylene fibers. This company is able to produce polypropylene fibers in different colors and finenesses according to various applications by having experienced and knowledgeable specialists with modern technical knowledge as well as using the most advanced machines made in European countries, especially Italy. Currently, Rose Fibers is known as one of the best producers of polypropylene fibers in the domestic market.

rose fiber

Production products:

Polypropylene fibers produced in Rozaliaf company are divided into 5 groups, which are described in the following technical properties and applications related to each group.

Normal fibers 


Low density

Tensile strength

Being colorless

Hardness and high resistance against acid, base and solvents

Low production cost compared to other thermoplastic fibers


Carpet and all types of flooring

Air filters

The fibers used in the back of the carpet and zilo

Sack threads and rope

Heat and cold insulation clothes

Normal fibers                                   Normal fibers                            Normal fibers              

concrete fiber (rosanite)


Reducing cracking and preventing hairline cracks in concrete

No settling and no increase in concrete weight

Eliminating the alkaline environment of concrete

Improving bending, tensile, shear and abrasion resistance in concrete

Reduce material penetration


Concrete and cement and plaster mixtures

.Cement fibers (rosanite) with cut lengths of 6, 12 and 18 mm are produced for concrete use. .

 concrete fiber                                   concrete fiber                                     concrete fiber

rose flake fiber


Resistant to abrasion and acid degradation


Acid batteries

Thin concrete layers


Rose Flack Fiber                                              Rose Flack Fiber                                         Rose Flack Fiber

Hygienic Fiber


Having a neutral nature in the living tissues of the body

High permeability to gases and low permeability to liquids

No moisture absorption


Layers of clothes and shoes

Hospital clothes

All kinds of bags

Layer on the diaper

Surgical overalls

Disposable gowns used in isolation wards and intensive care units to prevent the spread of infection

All the company's products are completely manufactured under hygienic conditions according to GMP standards. In addition to raw materials, manufactured products are also kept under quarantine conditions and undergo special microbial, chemical and physical tests to ensure their health and efficiency. 

Hygienic Fiber                                         Hygienic Fiber                                            Hygienic Fiber

Geotextile fibers

Geotextile is a permeable polymer material whose structure can be woven, non-woven or circular, which is used in geotechnics or civil engineering. Geotextiles are often made of polypropylene. These materials have a specific weight less than one and are strong and durable. Chopped fibers and continuous polypropylene filaments are used in the production of woven and nonwoven geotextiles.


High tensile strength

being light


Speed ​​of installation and ease of transportation

Very resistant insulation

Low cost and long life


The role of isolation on the road

road surface

Railway infrastructure



Erosion control

Protective walls

Protection and drainage systems

Under artificial grass

Earthquake resistance

Filter in irrigation canals

Filtering in earthen dams

 Geotextile fibers                                           Geotextile fibers                               Geotextile fibers

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