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The increase in population and the development of industries make the presence of people in noisy environments more likely. Buildings are getting smaller and lighter; The number of land and air vehicles increases; Industrial machines are increasing; And finally, noise pollution endangers life.
Do you know that 30% of people who work in noisy environments will develop hearing loss?
Do you know that sounds also affect the body during sleep, and in the meantime, children who spend more time sleeping are more affected?
A statistical test showed that 10% of the American people have experienced ringing in the ears, which is one of the important factors of this phenomenon, and it leads to deafness in 90% of cases. Another statistical test in the Netherlands showed that 80% of abnormal sounds are caused by road traffic.

Noise pollution, especially in today's apartment living and creating a safe and peaceful environment, led to Negin Rose Sepahan company believing in the necessity of research and development and with the aim of producing new quality products in accordance with national and international standards. start on sound insulation. Advances in materials with very small dimensions that can absorb sounds can be a great help in this direction. The word "small dimensions" unintentionally leads us to nanoscale materials.
Rose Syntex is a type of sound insulation that, as a new product in this field, meets all the technical and functional needs in order to reduce unwanted noises. This knowledge-based product is associated with nano technology and for the first time, non-woven fiber structures were covered with nano materials in a suitable way to create sound insulation properties.
This product is the result of six years of rigorous scientific research and development in the field of sound and thermal insulation and has a temporary US patent registration. The use of Rose Syntex sound insulation with a small thickness and suitable weight preserves the interior space of the place it is used and offers properties such as high flexibility, easy installation, and water repellency.

Insulation and sound regulation (topic 18 of the National Building Regulations)

  1.  sound absorption coefficient (α)
    The absorption rate of sound impinging on a surface and a measure of unreflected sound energy (ISIRI 10945). The sound absorption coefficient is a number between zero and one, which increases as it approaches one.
    رز سینتکس
    Ii: Intensity of incident wave
    Iα: absorbed wave intensity
  2.  Percussive sound pressure level (Ln)
    The level of impact sound pressure level transmitted from the ceiling at each frequency is calculated according to EN 140-7 or ISIRI 8568-8 standard.

Weighted impact sound pressure level (Ln,w)
A single number quantity for grading the sound level of the surface against impact noise, which is calculated according to the level of impact sound pressure and the base diagram according to the ISIRI 8834-2 or EN 717-2 standard.
رز سینتکس
Li: level of impact sound pressure in the receiving room

A: absorption level measured in the receiving chamber

A0: The absorption surface of the base is equal to 10 square meters

  •   Airborne noise reduction index (R)

The reduction in the intensity of sound energy is due to the propagation of the sound wave from the source side of the generator to the outside of the structure at each frequency, which is calculated according to the EN 140-3 standard.

  • Weighted sound reduction index (Rw)

A single number quantity to show the amount of airborne sound reduction by the separator, which is calculated according to the amount of airborne sound reduction index and the base chart according to the ISIRI 8834 or EN 717-1 standard.
رز سینتکس
Wi: the power of the incident sound on the separator
Wt: Transmitted sound power through the test
رز سینتکس

 Approvals obtained on the product

  •  Confirmation of non-compaction from Razi Metallurgical Research Center and Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center
  • Confirmation of appropriate heat transfer coefficient from Amir Kabir University and Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Cente
  • Provisional American patent registration and internal patent registration in the country's property and documents registration center
  • Technical certificate of the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center
  • Nanoscale approval from the Nano Technology Headquarters
  • The selected product of the best nano festival of 2016
  • Selected sample among the top 30 new products in the PIEC GLOBAL 2017 international competition in China
  • Antimicrobial certificate from Pasteur Institute
  • Confirmation of appropriate heat transfer coefficient from Road, Housing and Urban Development

رز سینتکس


sound Absorption Impact and transmission noise reduction


Self-extinguishing/fire retardant

The beauty of the appearance due to the ability to color and print with various designs

Not creating a negative effect on the environment and the installer

Thickness less than 1 cm


Easy transportation

Ability to cut to desired shape

No emission of toxic gas or smell

No growth of microbes

Reduction of internal space scattering after installation compared to similar products


It is possible to use and install Rose Syntex sound insulation in residential, office buildings that have been built or are under construction or renovation.
Hotels and hospitals
Recording studios, theaters, conference halls, cinemas and exhibitions

Cars, helicopters, airplanes, trains, ships, etc.

Noisy laboratory and industrial devices

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