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The Nagin Rose Master-batch Manufacturer Unit has been operating since 1996 to supply the master-batches needed for polypropylene fibers. Nowadays, using the specialist advisers for Master-batch manufacturing industries, polymer compounds and synthetic fibers, the complex has been developing the master-batch unit to produce master-batches of textile grade, injection molding film and tubes.
The color—matching process for samples received from customers is executed in the shortest time possible by using the quality control equipment in the Unit. The manufacturing of the master- batch sample requested is possible using the equipment in the master-batch unit with high accuracy.


The Company, with the help of specialized advisor expert team and relying on the ability of its research and development forces, is able to manufacture the color-mashing’s and present the master-batch products in the following industries.

Textile industries:
Including melting of short fibers and filament yarns, manufacturing of medical and sanitary nonwoven tissue, ropes ,gunny weaving and packaging industries

Plastic Industries:
Includes polyethylene, polyester and polyamide based injectable particles
High-pressure polyethylene pipes (gas and water), Irrigation roll pipes, Polypropylene pipes and Geo-membranes Disposable PET, PP, PE and PS containers, film, sheets and tapes, plastic cartons, packing belts


Company services

Some of the companys services to the master- batch customers include:
Using scientific and methodological of matching and feasibility of products using the expertise of the research and development team.
Application of suitable raw materials and pigment with appropriate quality and stability and optimization of product formulation in the desired application of customers.
Providing technical and expert advice to customers in areas related to the application of master-batch products
Ability to add co-op products to achieve special properties such as antibacterial products, UV protection, longer life spans, flame retardant and anti-flammability properties according to customers requests.

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