Automotive flooring and textiles

Automotive flooring and textiles:

Car flooring is one of the industrial productions of the Negin Rose Group, which is being manufactured in accordance with the specialty of the automotive industry.

The raw materials of this product include polyester fibers, polymer resins and co-ops that enter the production stage after qualitative evaluation upon entering the factory.

The intermediate and final products are produced simultaneously with the production process, in accordance with the defined standards of the automotive industry, employing the new methods of quality control utilizing the knowledge and expertise of experienced personnel of the company and consultants and textile industry experts.

The production of non-woven layers, done by using carding and transverse layers, multi-stage needle-piercing processes, and the formation of a uniformly high velvet surface, followed by the back coating of the layers in the thermal finishing system, are the main stages of the production of Negin Rose Automotive flooring and textiles.