About Us

Negin Rose

More than four decades of Industrial activity has made Rose Industries Holding one of the industrial pioneers in its field of activity. Due to innovation, extensive R & D possibilities, utilization of experts and trained staff, along with proper communication with the elite and prominent specialists in the industrial and educational sectors of the country, a coherent group has been established that will always be involved in producing superior products and services that will result in this group to be ranked among the international companies with high quality products. Our everyday grouped and integrated effort is to improve the living standards of humans and utilize the improvement resources and opportunities as much as possible. We believe that technical knowledge and high professional standards, along with updated and proper equipment, and coherent teamwork, will lead our country towards industrial progress and help us realize our humane goals.

Rose Holding

Rose Holding comprises of three companies as below:

Negin Rose

Rose Polymer

Kaveh Alyaf

Negin Rose Company

The company started its activity in 1993 and has four main units:

  1. Rose Moquette: This unit, with a yearly production capacity of 16 million m², produces various types of felt, printed, and embossed carpets in varying widths of 2 – 4 meters in various weights.
  2. Rose Master-batch: This unit was established in 1994 and now produces a variety of master-batches based on polypropylene, polyester, and polypropylene with a yearly production capacity of 300 tons.
  3. Rose Fiber: This unit has two full and advanced production lines of polypropylene fibers of different fineness (denier) and cut-length with a nominal yearly production capacity of 15.000 tons.
  4. Rose Non-woven Textiles: This unit has modern and advanced nonwoven machineries by which several layers in forms of felt carpets, wall cover layers, thermal and sound insulators, automotive products, various floor coverings and many other products could be produced using needle punching processes. Machines and equipment of this unit are comprised of blow frames, carding frame, multi-stage needle punching process, designing, printing, finishing and packing, and a laboratory equipped with brand-manufacturers from Europe. The products of this unit are produced according to the best quality and standard to be supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

Rose Polymer Company

The company was established in 1990 following several years of endless endeavors by prominent specialists. A group of 250 specialists and experienced staff are directly involved in the company’s high quality production. The company is active in the fields of chemistry and polymers. Products of this company include hygienic liquid paraffin, Vaseline, wax, jelly for telecommunication cables, cosmetic products, and many other hygienic and industrial products. The company exports most of its products abroad.

Kaveh Fiber Company

Due to utilizing up-to-date machinery and equipment, the company is among the best manufacturers of polyester and polypropylene fibers. This company joined the Rose Group in 1996 and now exports its products to various countries around the world, including Europe. The yearly production capacity of the company is 15.000 tons.