Rose Moquette

The emergence of this industry dates back to the middle of the last century, with the aim of utilizing unused waste of woven industries and converting them into special-purpose textiles. Nonwoven fabrics have become widespread in use today, and every day, the number of products in the industry is increasing. Two basic steps are required to create a nonwoven adhesive called web lamination (web forming) and bonding fibers to each other (web bonding). The layer is made in three different Methods: dry, wet, or polymer. Bonding step can be done by mechanical, chemical or thermal methods or a set of these states.

Negin Rose Nonwoven products:

One of the production units of Negin Rose Sepahan Complex is Nonwoven fabrics. In these production lines, the best equipment and machinery made in Western Europe, including Germany and Austria, is used.

These production lines are capable of producing nonwoven layers in weights from 70 to 1500 grams with a maximum width of 400 centimeters. The thickness of the layers is adjustable from 0.4 to 15 mm. The density of the layers can be adjusted according to the use of nonwoven textiles.


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Acoustic pollution, especially living in apartment buildings and providing a secure and peaceful environment, and belief in the necessity of research and development, with the goal of producing new quality products in accordance with national and international standards, has led Negin Rose Sepahan Company to start its activities on sound insulators. Progress in the field of materials with very small dimensions that can absorb sounds, can be a great help in this regard. The phrase “small dimensions” leads us to the Nano-scale materials.

Rose Filter


Separation of solid particles suspended in the industrial environment such as: Cement, gypsum, mines, melting areas such as iron and steel, copper, aluminum, lead and zinc, wood and chipboard industry, automotive, battery, casting industry, micronized powders, petroleum and petrochemical industries, ceramic and tile industries, Asphalt, chemical and food industry (flour, pasta)

Rose Fibers

Manufactured goods:

According to the fiber types, their technical characteristics and end-uses, products of the Rose Fiber Co. are divided mainly into five groups:

Normal Fiber:

Advantages: Low density, high tensile strength, colorless, good resistance to acids, alkaline, and solvents, low production cost compared to other thermoplastics

Rose Masterbatch

The Negin Rose Master-batch Manufacturing Unit has been operating since 1996 to supply the master-batches needed for polypropylene fibers. Nowadays, using the specialist advisers for Master-batch manufacturing industries, the polymer compounds and synthetic fibers, the complex has been developing the master-batch unit to produce master-batches of textile grade, injection molding film and tubes.

The color-matching process for samples received from customers is executed in the shortest time possible by using the quality control equipment in the Unit. The manufacturing of the master-batch sample requested is possible using the equipment in the Master-batch Unit with high accuracy.

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