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Non-cover fabrics are fabrics that threads have not been used in their main structure. Unlike woven fabrics, these textiles are made directly from interwoven and bonded fibers.
The emergence of this industry dates back to the middle of the last century, with the aim of utilizing unused waste of woven industries and converting them into special-purpose textiles. Non-woven fabrics have become widespread in use today, and every day, the number of products in the industry is increasing.
Two basic steps are required to create a non-woven adhesive called web Imagination (web forming ) and bonding fibers to each other (web bonding).The Layer is made in three different ways: day, wet, or polymer. bonding step can be done by mechanical. chemical to thermal methods or a set of these methods.
Negin Rose Sepahan Textile Industries is one of the pioneers in the field of non-woven floor-covering. The household carpeting of this industrial complex have been among the top brands in Iran for many years .These carpets are manufactured by dry-laying and the bonding process is done by mechanical means (needle-punching).

rose carpet


Daily production capacity of over 20.000 square meters of non-woven fiber structures including types of felt, painted, patterned. hot, roll, embossed carpets
Using the best machines and equipment of the world
Using the best quality raw materials
Experienced and trained personal
Quality control and quality rating system
Systematic configuration of elements

rose carpet 

Production and products

The production team of the complex consist of highly experienced and technical people who are the factory’s main capital and based on the hardware of the factory these people are able to produce on the hardware of the factory these people are able to produce layers and carpeting in variety of different types, grades and designs, matchstick patterns, hot- engraved designs, matchstick patterns, hot-engraved designs, stitch-printed designs, which on the next pages are pictured with the name of the design.

Felt printed carpeting width 3 meters

Parquet design

rose carpet

Non-printed carpeting in 2,3,and 4 meters width

Kebriti (Matchstick) pattern


Color and design variety
Variation in the width (up to 400 cm)
Use of the best quality back coating materials

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